FIFA World Cup USA '94 Early Pins***

Early Pins

Pre-bid, Pre-logo, Organizing Committees, Venue Bid Committees, Founders Club
FIFA World Cup USA '94 Early Pins***


Tampa Bay Host Venue Bid Committee
FIFA World Cup USA '94 Early Pins***

The slogan "The Winning Edge" is a double entendre.
In addition to the obvious meaning, the bid committee was chaired by Cecil Edge.


Early + Miscellaneous
FIFA World Cup USA '94 Early Pins***
Founders Club
  • When the United States was awarded the FIFA World Cup for 1994, money was short. The World Cup Organizing Committee had practically zero funds. To get some "seed" money, the Founders Club was established. The first persons, organizations, or companies to donate $5,000 would become members.
  • There were actually 98 donees so the effort raised $490,000 to get the ball rolling. In addition to other perks, members of the Founders Club received 2 pins. The all gold one initially and the black and gold after a logo was chosen. Both pins had a limited production of about 100 and are, therefore, probably the rarest and likely hardest to obtain pins in this collection. It could be said that these pins cost $2,500 each.
  • These 2 pins were presented to me by Donald A. Mulligan, a member of the Founders Club. The all gold pin is serial number 85.


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